Side Hustles & A Full-Time Job - The Playbook

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Side Hustles & A Full-Time Job - The Playbook

Tom Littler
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Learn how to make real progress on your side hustles. All while still meeting the expectations of your 9-5.

My Story

I started getting deep into side hustle life in September of 2018. At the time I was making $0 in money and had no real projects with real customers.

2 years later and I've co-founded a successful startup that employs 7 people, developed a Kickstarter project, build an online business that creates $0000's per month in passive income, and started a YouTube channel that now has over 1000 subscribers.

I do this all while still holding down a very fulfilling, well paid and stable full-time job as a Product Manager at a tech startup.

I want to teach you how I did it.

What's Included

🎞 Self-paced video course, with homeworks

⚙️ 'The Focused Mind' productivity system

📞 Personal follow up to keep you accountable

🤑 Unlimited access to the course with new content at no additional cost

What You'll Have Achieved

🛳 Shipped one piece of meaningful work to customers.

⚙️ Created a system that allows you to ship a product a week, every week.

🕐 Freed up time throughout the day to put the necessary effort into your side projects

🔨 Learned how to utilise freelancers to do the work that isn't your 100x work

💼 Learned how to deliver value in your full-time job while rarely working over 8 hours, so you have time to spend on your passion projects.

⚖️ You'll understand the key principles of focusing on the work that matters while maintaining some semblance of a work-life balance.

The Secret To Balancing it All

I've made a lot of mistakes over the past couple of years. I've definitely made the error of biting off more than I can chew and spreading myself too thin.

But rather than quit any of my projects, I decided to get incredibly efficient at how I prioritise tasks.

I've taken countless courses on productivity, startup life, and much more. I've armed myself with the best information out there. Combining that with my knowledge with my direct experience it's really just a matter of

1. Becoming ridiculously efficient with your full-time job, so you have time to spend on your side projects

2.Get into the habit of delivering value to your customers every week

3.Create systems that won't let you fail with any of the above

Sounds simple right? It kind of is, but as with all things in life, it's often the simplest things that are the hardest to pull off! However, if you can master these three steps I can pretty much guarantee that (with a lot of hard work!) you can create a life for yourself where you are comfortable generating good income with your side projects.

The Challenges of Side Hustles While Working Full Time

1️⃣ If you don't deliver in your day job, you might find that your career stalls, and you sacrifice everything for your side projects.

2️⃣ It's very hard to gain momentum on your side projects in the beginning, you need to get comfortable with focusing on your internal locus of control, nothing else.

3️⃣ The more projects you have on, the easier it is to drown in work that isn't important. You'll need to learn how to identify your'100x work' – the work that no one but you can do and you'll need to learn how to utilise freelancers to do the other stuff.‍

You'll have to do this while juggling relationships (I lost a girlfriend due to not properly balancing non-work stuff) along with family life, friends and, of course, your mental and physical health.‍This may be hard, but nothing good is easy. With a great system, we can overcome a lot of these challenges. The life satisfaction I get out of my side projects is more than worth the effort I've put in.

The Course Structure

Module 1 - Decide

In this module, we'll help you narrow down any side project ideas you have to the one that makes the most sense. We'll also explore the idea of going with a single project or spreading your bets across multiple ideas

Module 2 - Systematise

This is when we go deep into the productivity tools you will need to start delivering valuable work on your side project every week. You will get a copy of my 'Focused Mind' productivity system and you'll learn how to build a system that doesn't let you fail.

Module 3 - Balance

You need to get bloody efficient at your full-time job or you simply won't have the hours needed to make decent progress. This module will be all about how you can keep your full-time job to 8 hours or less.

Module 4 - Grow

When you start out you will be doing everything in your side project. You'll be the CEO, COO, Head of marketing. As your business grows this will soon become inefficient. We'll talk through the strategies of deciding what work to outsource, and how to do so on a really small budget.

Module 5 - Enjoy

What's the point of all this side project success if we can't enjoy it? The final module of the course will blend the practical with the philosophical. I'll talk through the issues I've had with enjoying my side hustles and how you can avoid my mistakes.

Who The Course is For

✅ You have an idea for a side project you want to start but haven't found the time or motivation to put it into practice yet.

✅ You are working on a side project but are finding yourself burned out, or finding it difficult to scale it.

✅ You work a full-time job and are reluctant to give it up to go full-time on a risky passion project.

✅ You have the drive to commit at least a couple of hours a day to your side projects.

Who The Course Isn't For

❌ If you aren't willing to put in the focus work that is required to make a success of your side project.

❌ You have no idea what kind of project you'd like to start. This course won't go in-depth on finding your passion/calling. Once you have an idea of something you'd like to do, come back, you'll find the course a lot more valuable

❌ You're looking for a 'get rich quick scheme'. First, this doesn't exist. Second, this course is more focused on the process of getting you delivering on your project consistently, rather than external results.

The thing is if you really apply yourself to your side projects and follow the advice of this video I.m pretty sure you will make a decent success of your endeavor. It may take more than a few months, but once I started really living out these principles I went from $0 to $0,000's in passive income in a reasonable amount of time. I'm not particularly talented. I just created a system that really worked for me. And now I want to help do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like it?

The last thing I want is that you would be stuck with something you don't like. I have a 30-day 100% refund policy, no questions asked

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